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Business consulting services of Foretell assist clients to identify new business opportunities, to estimate of market potential, to devise market entry plans and to operate strategies for various agricultural commodities.

The business consultancy wing has worked for diverse projects under the common umbrella of agri-business sector specializing in the area of devising market intervention strategies, including procurement strategies, encompassing forecasting and trend studies of prices and other variables affecting the market.

Within the product domain also, the Business consultancy wing has worked on diverse crop products ranging from perishables to staples and plantation crops including cashew.

Each of the assignments carried out have added a new dimension to the groups learning, which has built up efficiencies over time. A mention of assignments related to the cashew and plantation sector is made here (under the "Projects executed" section), however there is a vast learning from the assignments in other sectors also that could be useful for the cashew industry.

Are you planning to invest in new processing factory or modernize existing cashew processing factory in India ?

Cashew cultivation is expanding into new areas in India.

Cashew processing too is being taken up in non-traditional areas. Entrepreneurs face several questions when starting a new project, such as, which technology to choose, what should be the scale, should we choose manual vs. semi-automatic vs. fully automatic processing lines and where to set up the plant, what is the demand in my region and what is the forecast and what are the risks in investing and so on.

The consulting arm of would be happy to assist businesses in conducting Techno-Economic Feasibility studies for either establishing a new factory or modernizing an existing factory. Let us know your requirements, we would provide you with best advice. It is wise to talk to us before investing your money.

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