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  • e-payment for cashew nut growers launched

    Nov 21st, 2017

    The new system, ‘Tigo Korosho’, launched in Mtwara has already seen over 90m/- distributed to cashew nut growers couple of days after the signing of the agreement last Thursday. The innovative system enables farmers to access financial services through mobile phone instead of following banking facility.To kick-start groundbreaking the initiative, Tigo has entered into a contract with 40 cashew nut Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Unions (AMCOs), enabling their payments for the 2017/2018 season transacted directly via Tigo Korosho initiative.

    Tigo’s Zonal Director for Coast Zone, George Lugata said that the service offers farmers the reliability of receiving payments, security, eliminating the hassles of travelling and risks associated with carrying hard cash.‘We are happy to be partnering with the cashew nut farmers’ cooperative unions through the Tigo Korosho which will provide a practical solution to their payments and daily financial transactions,” Mr Lugata said.With over 80,000 merchants available in every corner the country, transacting upwards of 1.48bn/- every month, TigoPesa undoubtedly speaks to financial inclusion which also is a boon to national economy. ‘So far, payments worth 90m/- have already been disbursed to 10 AMCOS, giving the farmers added convenience, security” Mr Lugata said.