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  • Crop Report for April 2016

    Apr 4th, 2016

    El-Nino effect is almost over on the global climate but it has shattered the hopes of Indian farmers. Vietnamese harvest has considerably improved by March-end but the total crop-size can not be estimated because of the cloudy weather conditions.

    Indian harvest suffered worst ever debacle in the second half of March and still there is no improvement what so ever. According to some experts, improvements will begin from the last week of April. They think that the harvest will continue till the rainy season as current weather conditions are highly favorable for the growth of tender nuts.

    West African harvest is also progressing slowly but the crop loss might be much less compared to the Indian harvest.

    What ever is the per hectare yield this year, African crop-size may become normal as they are adding more and more areas under cultivation. In coming years, many new nations will emerge in the raw cashew export field in Africa.