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  • Workshop for comments on the development of Binh Phuoc cashewnut

    Mar 21st, 2018

    This morning (March 20), the provincial People's Committee held a workshop to collect comments on the draft resolution of the provincial Party Committee on development of Binh Phuoc trees to 2020 with a vision to 2030. Standing Deputy Secretary Party Committee of Tran Tue Hien; Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Huynh Anh Minh chaired the workshop. According to the draft resolution of the Provincial Party Committee, the general goal of the province is to build the Binh Phuoc cashew sector to develop in a sustainable manner, improve quality and diversify products to increase added value. To achieve the above objectives, the province will review and adjust the development plan of Binh Phuoc cashew sector to 2020 with 200,000 ha with the average productivity of about 2 tons per hectare. At the same time, the province will also direct the functional branches to conduct basic cashew orchards to classify cashew orchards by groups and apply intensive farming methods, re-farm and renovate cashew orchards for farmers. Speaking at the workshop, some delegates said that Binh Phuoc needs to focus on solutions to improve the productivity and quality of cashew products, on the other hand have to find ways to change the mindset and awareness of people directly production in the cashew sector. At the same time, functional sectors should also select appropriate farming systems for each ecological region to enhance the value of the cashew sector. In addition, some comments also suggest that the province should have strict measures to manage seed sources from floating production facilities, to avoid damage to farmers during the re-planting, new planting. This workshop was an opportunity for the province to collect valuable comments from domestic cashew industry experts, cashew producers and processors to supplement the draft resolution of the provincial Party Committee as a basis. To direct and direct the entire political system of the province to concentrate on developing the province's cashew industry in the coming time.