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  • Wirtz introduces cashew fruit distilled spirit to US

    Nov 6th, 2015

    Made from handpicked Cashew Fruit, Feni can only be produced in Goa, India three months out of the year due to a perishable window of four hours once harvested.Feni has been distilled in the region for more than 400 years as a Portuguese tradition, with no electricity used in the process.Handcrafted in small batches, Feni is described as having “smooth entry” and “clean finish” with “hints of pineapple, citrus and cashew apple”.“We are truly thrilled to partner with such a tremendous team at Wirtz Beverage,” said B.J. McCaslin, co-founder of Spirits of India Feni.“This fulfills a lifetime goal of ours to introduce Feni to the US.”Feni will be available for purchase through Wirtz Beverage Illinois distributors.“Spirit of India Feni is a unique, game-changing spirit that will enhance the creativity of mixologists while expanding the palates of new customers and consumers alike,” said Jason Griffin, business development manager of Wirtz.