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  • Which enterprise is entitled to interest rate reduction, late payment because of Covid-19?

    Mar 14th, 2020

    According to Circular 01 issued by the State Bank, commercial banks are allowed to decide on their own restructuring for customers affected by Covid-19, based on general principles. Customers whose revenue declines because of nCoV, having loans, financial leasing must pay the principal and / or interest from January 23 to the next 3 months from the date the Prime Minister announces the end of the epidemic and cannot repay the debt. on time, in the area of ​​restructuring.

    Banks will reschedule a maximum of 12 months of repayments for loans that are due or 10 days overdue, or for overdue loans from January 23 to March 29.  Mr. Dao Minh Tu, Deputy Governor of the State Bank, said that banks are the ones who decide to lend, so they will proactively decide the structure of repayment period for customers. However, the maximum repayment period is 12 months from the last day of paying all principal and interest. In addition, commercial banks decide on their own interest and fee exemptions with loans subject to restructuring.

    Loans with rescheduled terms of repayments or interest rate waivers will also be maintained by the banks. For receivable interests of these outstanding loans, the bank is not required to record the accrued interest, but keeps an eye on the foreign currency to urge the collection and account it into its earned income.

    The leader of the State Bank said that Circular 01 created the most favorable conditions for banks to proactively restructure the due debts for businesses, but also ensure the right assistance to the victims.

    The director of risk management of a state-owned bank said the Circular of the State Bank is not limited to the fields that receive support. Due to the inter-sectoral impact, most of the affected sectors, the determination of affected businesses will essentially be based on the assessment of revenue decline, customer demand when compared to the adjacent months. , same period last year or compared to the plan. The bank will also assess the ability of the enterprise to repay its post-restructuring debt to determine its restructuring.