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  • Vietnamese produce enters US via China

    Sep 14th, 2015

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), in 2014, Vietnam brought 2,000 tons of dragonfruit to the US.

    However, 80 percent of Vietnam’s dragonfruit exports are still sold to China, mainly across the border gates. In China, the products are irradiated before they are shipped to the US and other markets.Minh, noting that Vietnam’s fruits have to take a ‘roundabout route’ to the US, said this was understandable.According to Minh, it takes at 17-20 days to bring dragonfruit from orchards in Vietnam to export companies and then ship them to the US, where it can be sold at supermarkets for seven to 10 days.This means that Vietnam’s dragonfruit can only reach US consumers 25 days after it is harvested. With the most advanced technology, dragonfruit can maintain its quality within 30-35 days.Meanwhile, Chinese businesses can quicken the process of collecting fruits from farmers, processing and shipping, and they can deliver fruit quickly to ensure that the products are fresh.

    The same thing happens with Vietnam’s cashew nut exports. According to the Vietnam Cashew Association, in 2014, Vietnam, for the ninth consecutive year, was the world’s biggest cashew nut exporter with 306,000 tons of exports worth $2 billion.