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  • Vietnamese experts to Abidjan to support the transformation of cashew

    Apr 13th, 2016

    A delegation déquipementiers Vietnamese began Tuesday in Abidjan a mission to Côte d'Ivoire on the initiative of the Council of cotton and cashew nuts to support the cashew sector in the context of local processing this product, APA notes in the Ivorian economic capital.

    According Berthé Karim, General Coordinator of the Council of Industrial Development, "we must be able to multiply such meetings to talk a little more cashew, mainly from the processing in Ivory Coast."

    "This visit of Vietnamese experts aims to strengthen our technology transfer policy, processing of cashew in Ivory Coast," said Karim Berthé recalling that the board is "in the process of building the cashew technology center in Yamoussoukro (Ivorian political and administrative capital). "

    "It's our factory school that will be used to support the industrial sector of cashew in partnership with the Indians," he added.

    The coordinator in charge of industrial development of the regulatory body and the development of cotton and cashew sectors also regretted the low rate of transformation of cashew nuts.

    "In 2015, it produced 702,510 of raw nuts and 42 000 tons processed in Ivory Coast. Representing only 6% (...). All the tons we export, it is actually the jobs we export, we send to other countries. That's why we believe in transformation, "said Mr. Berthé.

    "We especially need technology, well-designed strategies, well conducted. This is a new activity in Ivory Coast that our technicians do not necessarily know. There is no local expertise, "continued Mr. Berthé.

    To Jean Pierre, head of the Vietnam delegation, for its part indicated that its structure "supports OEMs and organizations to structure and develop the sector."

    "As a university, we provide technical support and mobilize all resources. We make technology transfer as part of our technology incubator, "said the head of the delegation staying on Ivorian soil.

    A visit to the processing units in several localities of the country is also on the menu of this Vietnamese mission ends Saturday. Côte d'Ivoire became in 2015 the largest producer of cashew nuts with more than 700 000 tons.