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  • Vietnamese cashew industry creates global value

    Nov 14th, 2017

    This belief has multiplied as hundreds of customers from the US, the EU, Australia, New Zealand, China, the Middle East ... and African raw cashew suppliers all gathered at the conference. 2017 (from 13th to 15th November) and affirmed the leading role of Vietnam cashew industry.

    Red carpet for VN business

    Diaby Aboubacar, president of the Ivory Coast Exporters Association (AEC-CI), said that Vietnam is the country's main importer, accounting for 68% of the total annual export volume of Ivory Coast (nearly 400,000). tons of raw / year). In particular, Ivory Coast is extremely impressed with the processing and export of Vietnam (accounting for over 50% of the total value of global kernel export) and desire to learn the world's leading processing capacity of Vietnam. "We want you to come to Ivory Coast to invest in processing, we are committed to maximum support!", He invites.

    Similarly, Wayne Tilton, vice president of the African industry alliance, said that the region is contributing 56% of global cashew production, but the cashew industry is very young. "In order to improve, we suggest that Vietnamese enterprises provide technical assistance to perform some preliminary processing steps, before most of cashew production goes through Vietnam."

    The Nigerian association's representative also said that since 1980, cashew has been an important sector of the country, contributing a large proportion to GDP every year. "However, Nigeria is exporting up to 95% of its raw, low value crops. Therefore, we have a policy to attract investors to build cashew processing factory, especially welcome the business from Vietnam to learn from you valuable experience.

    All win

    Michael Waring, vice president of the International Drying and Grain Council, INC., Which represents 750 companies from more than 80 countries, said that cashew flow in the grain sector Globally, there are important contributions, levels of influence and great impact. "Cashew nuts have a lot of health benefits, in line with the increasingly demanding consumer trend in the world, so it will continue to be a good seller in the future." He also did not hesitate to shout the slogan INC: "For health benefits, grow more and eat more seeds!"

    Relative to the market fluctuations and high prices of cashew kernels, Dan Phipps, a customer from the United States, said Vietnam is exporting the most cashew nuts to the US (116,000 tonnes in 2017). However, this year's price fluctuations in the direction of high increase the consumption is affected. "We want to keep prices steady next time so that we can sell better," Dan Phipps said.

    And Mr. Ho represents Europe's consumers as consumers are increasingly using natural (organic) ingredients. They want to eat raw cashew nuts, natural grains. Similarly, Quin Scalzo, representing Australians and New Zealand customers, also noted that customers in this market are increasingly demanding transparency of origin. Therefore, VN enterprises need to pay attention to better meet this need.

    Answering these questions, Nguyen Minh Son - Vice President of Vinacas confirmed that the price of the last time completely depends on the supply and demand of the market. The price of raw cash is constantly increasing, causing the price of cashew nuts to rise. Vietnam always expects stable prices, not too high or too low, ensuring mutual benefits and "win".

    Concerning the quality issue, Khanh said, over time, Vietnam has made continuous efforts to bring the world's leading plants, more than India where development before a few decades (the US has just tested 18 enterprises VN, 100% results are well appreciated and reached the export requirements in the world's leading fastidious market). However, Thea also questioned why the price of Vietnam is always lower than India? "Obviously, Vietnam has been forced down the price and that seems to have become the path. We think that this need to change and customers need to ensure fair prices for businesses in Vietnam in the coming years, "said Thea.

    Global Quality

    With over 400 delegates and customers from 40 countries, Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) confidently said: "What we have a history mission is processing and exporting countries. No. 1 in the world over the past 12 years. What makes this achievement is that Vietnam has created a core value for global consumers, commits to products with high nutritional value, the best quality, managed by the world's leading standards. . Especially, VN cashew products always aim for the "No 4" criterion: Non-GMO products, no pesticides, no harmful microorganisms, no forced labor. "

    Thanh also did not conceal the strategy of developing Vietnam's industry until 2020 with a vision of 2035, with the theme "Value of Vietnam", which will focus on building the national brand and boosting the promotion and promotion of trade. It also creates more value for the business community and cashew farmers. In the production sector, the cashew industry in Vietnam implemented three programs with farmers (re-cultivation and intercropping, grafting, research and development of new varieties). Continue to promote clean production program with organic production process; Complete geographical indications in key cashew growing areas. At the same time, the industry is focused on increasing the proportion of deep processing and promoting the national brand of Vietnam to consumers worldwide.

    Asserting the achievements and the global development strategy of Vinacas, Le Quoc Doanh - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development appreciated the role of the cashew industry in Vietnam, especially in 2017. Top eight export items of the country (estimated at $ 3.3 billion). "I suggest the next time, the VN enterprises to strengthen links with the material areas in the direction of large fields of product consumption. At the same time, it continues to produce organic agriculture, build a national brand for the Vietnamese cashew industry, promote deep processing, especially high value-added instant noodles and boost trade promotion. To better exploit the world market, "Doanh said.

    At the meeting, Vinacas also signed three memorandums of understanding in cooperation with the African Coalition, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau. Vinacas also organizes bilateral exchanges and exchanges between domestic and international companies; Particularly, a series of quality control measures for imported raw materials from Africa were introduced. Organize workshop on the role of women in cashew industry; Celebrate the 27th anniversary of Vinacas (1990 - 2017).


    Source: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper