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  • Vietnamese businesses directly export African raw cashew nuts to India

    Nov 28th, 2019

    This is an unprecedented move in the history of Vietnam's cashew industry. Because, for a long time, only Indian businesses buy and sell raw cashew from African countries to Vietnamese cashew businesses. .

    On November 27, information from T&T Group said that the group's mission has started to travel to India to work, meet partners and cashew production plants in Mangalore (Karnataka state) and Kollam (Kerala state) to explore the raw cashew market of this country.

    At the same time, establishing relationships with partners to export raw cashew nuts directly from Africa to India. This is a step to affirm the strategic vision, a long step in changing the business thinking of the group's leaders. This move has marked a shift of Vietnamese cashew enterprises from the position of the buyer to the position of seller for cashew traders of India, raising the global competitiveness of Vietnam's cashew industry.

    Specifically, from 2018 and earlier, Indian businesses purchased cashew nuts from African countries and sold them to Vietnamese cashew businesses in large quantities, estimated at about 60% of total raw cashew production. Cashew enterprises of Vietnam must import for processing every year.

    It is expected that Indian businesses will buy the first batch of raw cashew supplied by T&T Group, originating from Tanzania (East Africa).

    At this point, T&T Group will accelerate the purchase of raw cashew nuts in West African countries. West Africa includes countries like Cote D'ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Togo, Bukina Faso ... This is the largest raw cashew production and supply area in the world with about 55-60 % of output, equivalent to about 2.2 million tons.