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  • Vietnam-Tanzania bilateral relations towards friendship, substantive and effective

    Mar 26th, 2020

    Vietnam-Tanzania bilateral relations towards friendship, substantive and effective

    Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 55 years ago, until now the relationship of friendship, cooperation and mutual trust between Vietnam and Tanzania is looking forward to a future of good cooperation, more durable

    That is confirmed by the Ambassador of Vietnam Nguyen Kim Business in Tanzania in an interview with local newspaper the 55th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam - Tanzania.

    According to Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Africa, Ambassador Nguyen Kim Doanh said Vietnam and Tanzania have many similarities as go through the struggle for national independence lasted for centuries, the geographical features and diverse people diligence, hard work and self-reliance in building the country increasingly prosperous. Hence, two countries have been and will collaborate, share and learn from each other a lot of common interests.

    In the war against the United States, Vietnam has received support both mental and material from Tanzania under President Julius Kambarage Nyerere, many protests against the war of pupils and students in Tanzania took place to support Vietnam. The friendship between the two countries and peoples two countries are invaluable assets, to be nurtured by the people and the leadership of both generations of Vietnam and Tanzania.

    Vietnam Embassy in Tanzania has contributed to promoting cooperation and commercial business investment in the local Vietnam. Regarding Vietnam's ability to invest in building factories for processing cashew nuts in Tanzania, Ambassador Nguyen Kim Doanh said the Embassy has always encouraged companies to Vietnam to invest and build factories for processing cashew nuts in water host. In fact, many cashew processing lines are manufactured in Vietnam was purchased, installed and operated in Tanzania. Enterprises Tanzania can buy more processing cashew nuts from Vietnam or other countries to support local growers thing.

    2019, Vietnam imported about 1.6 million tons of raw cashew nuts and 450,000 tonnes of cashew export processing revenue of $ 3.6 billion. Cashews domestic output of Vietnam 400,000 tons / year, third only to meet the demand for production capacity. Therefore, demand for nuclear import of Vietnam is huge. Africa in general and Tanzania in particular is a potential market for nuclear import of Vietnam.

    Vietnam has maintained its position as exporter of cashew processing the world's largest in 13 years in a row since 2006. Vietnam Cashew Association welcomes Cashew Board of Tanzania (CBT) to visit Vietnam , meet partners and share experiences in developing this sector.

    Currently there are several companies doing business in Tanzania Vietnam, Viettel Tanzania in which the Company is the largest investment project in Vietnam. Is a vast country and market potential, as well as the gateway to East Africa, Tanzania needs to further improve the domestic investment environment to attract more foreign investors. Investors and foreign businessmen who share the concern and desire Tanzania improve soon issue work permits and fees for residence permits, the processing time permits, tax issues, system ... infrastructure to facilitate more investment process, cooperation and business.

    Ambassador Nguyen Kim Doanh, the economy of Vietnam and Tanzania 2 complementary to each other. Tanzania is rich in natural resources and Vietnam may import minerals and farm produce consistent from Tanzania. Tanzania can import electronic products, construction materials, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods from Vietnam. Are brother countries, the Government and people of Vietnam is ready to share experience with the government and people of Tanzania in the development of the country, is willing to cooperate with Tanzania in all fields, especially in agriculture, education, health ...Ambassador Nguyen Kim Doanh told the multifaceted cooperation and investment in economy, trade and the exchange of high-level visits between the two countries in the past, Vietnam and Tanzania are aiming for bilateral relations of friendship, lasting, substantive and more effective.

    Source: Vietnam + / VNA