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  • Vietnam, Hungary seek opportunities in agriculture cooperation

    Sep 25th, 2017

    Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong hosted a reception for Minister of Agriculture of Hungary Fazekas Sándor, in Hanoi, on September 25, following the ongoing visit to Vietnam made by Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor.Minister Cuong highly appreciated Hungary's advances in agricultural science and technology, particularly in terms of breeding, heredity, and food safety control in food processing. In addition, Hungary has a highly developed agricultural support industry that Vietnam has a high demand for.

    In environmental resource management, including water resources, Hungary has respectable experience, with highly-developed water storage and treatment solutions, that Vietnam is looking forward to learning from, Cuong added.According to him, trade between the two countries has grown but remains at a modest level, whilst the two countries have many complementary goods, as Hungary has highly developed advanced machinery, chemicals, fertilisers, breeding and clean water technologies, in addition to human resource training, and experience in agro-forestry and fishery management that are in demand in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Vietnam exports agricultural, forestry and fishery products to more than 140 countries, mainly seafood, cashew, coffee, pepper, rubber, rice, vegetables and fruits.

    Agreeing with Minister Cuong, the visiting guest also said that the opportunities for cooperation in agricultural development between Vietnam and Hungary are large and the two have many products that can complement one another. Hungary has a demand for tropical products and the availability of Vietnamese fruit remains limited in the European country. Vietnam is famous for its strong exports of coffee, pepper and cashew and these are also the products that Hungary imports a lot of, Fazekas Sándor said.

    At present, Vietnamese and Hungarian businesses have undertaken a joint venture in processing meat in Thanh Hoa province. According to Minister Fazekas Sándor, this is one of the top ten biggest European companies in meat processing. Cooperation between the enterprises would create a premise for collaboration between the two countries.Currently, Hungary is cooperating with Vietnam in the framework of FAO and Hungary has assisted Vietnam in training agricultural engineers and veterinarians. In terms of water and wastewater treatment, the country has a lot of experience and its models have been deployed in Vietnam. Hungary is willing to continue to cooperate in this field, as well as in the production of agricultural machinery, affirmed Fazekas Sándor.

    He also stated that food safety is one of the main fields that the two ministries can cooperate in, in the near future. The Vietnamese agriculture ministry could propose a number of projects for the two sides to support and cooperate, as well as to identify a number of partners who can cooperate with the Hungarian side on food safety.Minister Cuong suggested that the businesses of the two countries need to intensify their research on each other's market so that the two countries can complement and co-develop. He assigned Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh to act as the focal point among the units under his ministry to collaborate with the Hungarian ministry.