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  • Vietnam to help Tanzania revive all its idle cashew factories

    Aug 29th, 2017

    Tanzanian exports of raw cashew nuts will soon cease, thanks to the arrival of Vietnamese firms that have expressed an interest in reviving all its idle factories and to construct many more.According to Industry, Trade and Investment Minister Charles Mwijage, Tanga region will be the first beneficiary under the envisaged distribution of agricultural inputs, the training of citizens on modern cashew nut production systems, and job creation.

    Available data shows that about 90 per cent of Tanzanian cashew nuts are exported to India in raw form, with a small portion, less than 10 per cent, processed in the country.The country has huge potential for expanding production and increasing productivity as well as adding value to the cash crop beyond the current 10 per cent, by making use of byproducts as well.

    Mr Mwijage, speaking in Dar es Salaam during the final preparations for a business delegation to India, said: "The coming of Vietnam is a result of improved investment environments... we do expect many more investors. "He said that, after Tanga, the Vietnamese investors would go to Lindi, Mtwara and other areas, training and encouraging Tanzanians to produce cashew nuts.