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  • Vietnam has 486 cashew processing factories but only 20% processing

    Nov 1st, 2018

    That is one of the contents was Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Nguyen Xuan Cuong said at the interrogation session of the National Assembly this morning 1/1.  At the session, Representative Ton Ngoc Hanh (Binh Phuoc) sent to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong questions around the issue of low-price agricultural exports, there are many changes.

    Particularly, Representative Ton Ngoc Hanh said: "Binh Phuoc voters are very excited because the main agricultural products of the province such as rubber, pepper, cashew nuts in the export group reached $ 1 billion. However, many voters are still very worried, wondering before the situation of low export prices, fluctuations and continuous decline for many years. The Minister suggested the sector's recommendations to Binh Phuoc constituents and the whole country in the development orientation for rubber, pepper and cashew trees in the coming time. "

    In addition, Representative Ton Ngoc Hanh also questioned Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong about solutions to expand the market of agricultural products as well as maintain the market for agricultural products to reach $ 1 billion next time.

    Answering issues that Minister Ton Ngoc Hanh said, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said: This year, the sector can achieve high growth and export. However, the results are not complete, because the area of ​​industrial crops this year is low, even some products are very low, not only rubber, pepper, but sugar cane.

    With cashew nuts, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong carefully analyzed the shortcomings in production and export of cashew, from which the solution focused.

    Firstly, Vietnam has to import up to 70% of material for the cashew industry. This is the only crop Vietnam has to import.

    Secondly, cashew yields in Vietnam are double that of the world, but in comparison with other crops and farmers, they have to pay more attention. If not, cashew will no longer stand in Binh Phuoc and in the South East as well as some provinces in the Central Highlands.

    Third, Vietnam cashew industry is proud to be the world's leading processors in terms of quantity. Vietnam currently has 486 processing plants, leading the world in terms of volume but in terms of value chain depth, Vietnam only has 20% of factories. "We have to focus on giving longer value rather than pointing out dried roasted nuts to pack the world's exports now," Cuong said.

    Fourth, take advantage of other scraps from the cashew tree. Cashew has one characteristic that biomass volume of fruit is much larger than grain. The shell of the cashew when it is also used to take advantage of many products.

    "These are the four points that MARD has been working with the industry association together with provinces to focus on and solve in the coming time," Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong emphasized.