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  • Vietnam and the Ivory Coast to cooperate improving quality cashew nuts

    Feb 25th, 2016

    Currently just 3kg of crude that Vietnam imported about 1 kg, it originates from the Ivory Coast. However, over time many consignments of raw cashew nut quality is not guaranteed, causing damage to Vietnam now. So, how to improve the quality of cashew nuts are the concern of both parties to the 2016 thing.

    Today Day 24-2, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) in cooperation with the Council of cotton and cashew nuts Ivory Coast (CCA) held a conference on trade - commercial cooperation crude Vietnam - Coast Ivory 2016 crop year.

    Mr. Bach Nhut Khanh, Deputy Company Superintendence, unit testing of raw cashew nuts imported from the Ivory Coast for businesses Vietnam said last year, in the process of checking the quality of the country's crude, Vinacontrol realized crude quality is often unstable, moldy, damp.

    If moldy raw cashew nuts, sprout, soft rot ... shall not be processed, may have to spend the whole shipment. Some shipments of high humidity should Vietnam have now exposed, causing the drying weight reduction of 2-6%, the purchaser must suffer because they must pay higher prices for sub-standard shipments.

    Also according to the Superintendence, if crude with high humidity, it's after processing will be sour, that is, shipments will not be eligible for export. Vinacotrol note should only buy raw cashew humidity below 10%.

    To help businesses avoid Vietnam received the unqualified shipment at the port of destination, he said Nhut, Vietnam Superintendence and is planning to open offices in cargo inspection Ivory Coast, then, all the containers of crude Ivory Coast business sold to Vietnam will be Vinacontrol quality control in place before moving onto the ship to Vietnam.

    To the CCA, due to problems in the purchase agreement between the two countries makes crude Ivorian risk losing Vietnam market should CCA also opened a representative office in the city to receive information and support Vietnam business support.

    CCA representatives said, in Ivory Coast, according to the law, businesses are free to export of agricultural commodities, but to not fall into situations like the cancellation of contracts, poor quality products not as in the contract, the Vietnam now before the transaction should contact the CCA office in the city to learn about business partners.

    CCA is currently a legal representative of the Ivorian National Assembly approved the country, so before you buy it, the Vietnam should contact the CCA to learn about the reputation of the partners before signing the copper, in order to avoid bad situations such as non-delivery or delivery but does not guarantee quality.

    According to Vinacas, 2015, Vietnam imported 867,000 tons of crude from 25 countries and territories, of which most are from the Ivory Coast with 36% of total crude imports.

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    Source: OL TBKTSG