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  • Vietnam accounts for 50% of world market conditions

    Mar 5th, 2016

    The total trade value of the world occupy individual $ 5 billion, export products of Vietnam which reached $ 2.5 billion, accounting for 50% of world market conditions.

    At the conference report on the situation of production and business conditions 1/2016 quarter production and business plan that in 2016 due to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) held on the afternoon of 4.3, representing Vinacas said, in 2015, individual export of the country accounts for about 9% of total exports of agriculture throughout Vietnam. This is also the 10th consecutive year Vietnam leads the world in exporting it.

    Specifically, the number of people that the country exported 330,000 tons last year, reaching $ 2.5 billion. In particular, it accounted for 2.3 billion people, the remaining cashew nut shell oil and deep-processing products. This data shows that exports of the country's 2015 increase of 10% in volume and 15% in value compared to 2014.

    Vinacas report showed that export prices of cashew nuts per year through approximately $ 7,300 / ton, up 12% over the same period, the price of cashew WW320 7,800 USD / ton, up 15% over the same period.

    Vietnam Cashew currently has presence in 80 countries and territories. In it, the main markets include the US (30%), Europe (25%) and China (15%).

    According to Vinacas, within 2 months of this year, although affected by the Lunar New Year holiday, but exports still reached 37,000 tonnes of cashew nuts, reaching 278 million, up 5.3% in volume and 11% in value compared to the same period last year.

    Information from the business at a meeting that also showed on the season is the price that is being purchased in the country increased by 30% compared to the purchase price of the same period last year.

    Nguyen Nga

    Source: Thanh Nien OL