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  • Vietnam Cashew Association participated in the program hosted two PNCP 2016

    Jan 23rd, 2016

    Implementing Decision No.72 / 2010 / QD-TTg of November 15, 2010 by the Prime Minister on promulgating regulations on the building, management and implementation of the program national trade promotion, May 18 01 2016, Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang signed Decision No. 206 / QD-BCT approved National Trade Promotion Programme in 2016 included 177 projects of 67 units with a total budget chair is 90 billion.

    Vietnam Cashew Association to participate chaired PNCP 2 program in 2016 include:

    1. Program Organization of trade unions in the US market combined attendance at a meeting of international grain dried fruit INC 2016 in May - 6/2016 United States

    2. Program Organizations exposed to foreign importers in Vietnam purchases in 2016 in May 11/2016 Danang.

    National Trade Promotion Program in 2016 including practical trade promotion activities, feasibility and implementation plan early in the year include trade promotion activities, market development, exports, domestic product fairs, Society implemented in foreign markets, trade mission abroad, international conference industry, activity picked foreign importers to purchase, trade information, training, consulting, trade promotion of economic regions, capacity building training to businesses, cooperatives, trade promotion organizations. In parallel with the implementation of the objective to promote exports, reduce trade deficit, the national trade promotion program in 2016 continued to implement trade promotion activities developed domestic markets, rural, mountainous, border, the Local difficulties, contributing to the effective implementation of the campaign "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" launched by the Politburo.

    In 2015, with support from the National Trade Promotion Programme, the presence of Vietnam export products in traditional markets like the US, EU, China, Japan, South Korea expanding. Also, the program has supported now continue back market Russia, Eastern Europe, strengthening market activities in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, some Middle East and African countries, to help the Vietnam businesses to promote export products and services to the markets of the countries mentioned above; promoted trade and investment; empowering and images of Vietnam. The trade promotion activities in the country, mountainous, border and island areas has also contributed actively to the development and expansion of domestic market.

    According to preliminary statistics, the national trade promotion program has supported in 2015 supported 8,850 businesses respectively, 14 499 booths at the trade fairs at home and abroad, attracting over 3 million visitors, shopping and signing the many economic contracts with a total value of 858 million dollars and approximately 637.8 billion.

    Businesses, local, interested organizations can consult detailed list of projects under the 2015 National Trade Promotion Programme in Appendix 1 attached to the Decision 206 / QD-BCT dated 18 months 01 years 2016 on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Trade Promotion Agency here .

    Source: Vietrade