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  • Vietnam 10 consecutive years the world leader in the export of cashew nuts

    Mar 5th, 2016

    Vietnam maintained the export position leading 10th consecutive year and now accounts for 50% of total global trade of cashew nuts.

    This is the information newly Vietnam Cashew Association made ​​at the meeting on the situation of production and business conditions 1/2016 quarter, organized way at 4/3 Ho Chi Minh City.

    Individual agricultural commodities that Vietnam's exports have continued to increase. 2015, Vietnam exported 330,000 tonnes of cashew, the total turnover of 2.5 million.

    Vietnam has exported to 80 countries, charming and territories worldwide, including the US, China and Europe are the main markets luc.Tuy, according to many experts, this year and the future Vietnam needs to pay more attention to the issue of food safety in order to reduce the risk lowest production of cashew nuts exported to the world.

    Ms. Vu Thi Thu Huong, Director of HD Cashew said, now on 40% of cashew factory does not ensure food hygiene.

    "These plants ensure food safety in the world, the customer agrees to buy them new. And these small plants they will only go more easygoing countries, such as Middle East, Russia ... but the risks of trade disputes enormous, 'she said.

    Source: VOV