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  • Vietnam - India boosts agricultural trade

    Dec 1st, 2017

    India is the second most populous country in the world (more than 1.3 billion people), has many similarities and good long-term cooperation with Vietnam, is also one of 10 trade partners The current top of the Vietnam. According to data from India, in the fiscal year 2016 - 2017, total bilateral trade turnover reached $ 10.13 billion and in total bilateral trade turnover, more than 40% of agricultural products (over 4 billion USD).

    Although the bilateral trade relationship between the two countries, especially in terms of agricultural products is relatively high and growing rapidly, Ambassador Parvathaneni Harish said the two countries have not fully realized the potential of cooperation in the field of agriculture. . In order to promote cooperation, the two sides have dealt with many issues arising in agricultural trade and at the same time exchanged and formulated cooperation protocols in the field of agricultural products between the two countries. "India is looking forward to exporting some agricultural products from India such as grapes, sesame seeds, pomegranates ... And Vietnam is very interested in exporting Vietnamese fruits. South, eg dragon fruit and other fruits to India, "Ambassador Parvathaneni Harish said.

    At the meeting, the two sides discussed and discussed the promotion of cooperation in specific fields such as cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture. The Indian side wants Vietnam to export Direct pepper to India and request Vietnam to create conditions for India to export grape, pomegranate and millet to Vietnam. The Indian side also wants Vietnam to invest in the construction of seafood processing plants and dragon fruit to supply to over 1.3 billion people in the country.

    Meanwhile, Vietnam wants the Indian side to create conditions for Vietnam to continue exporting some key agricultural products of Vietnam such as coffee, rubber, cashew nuts and pepper and consider importing. Livestock products such as chicken and pigs ... Vietnam also asked India to improve its tariffs on agricultural products in Vietnam to balance the trade balance between the two countries. Vietnam is importing from India.

    Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Hoang Van Thang appreciated the cooperation between the two countries as well as in the agricultural sector and proposed to remove difficulties and strengthen agricultural trade cooperation between the two countries. country. He suggested that the two sides set up a joint working group to discuss and agree on cooperation contents between the two countries. With a proposal to cooperate on the construction of a fishery processing plant, dragon fruit growing in India, the Deputy Minister noted to report to the Minister. He also suggested the two countries need to strengthen cooperation in the field of machinery, irrigation equipment, application of information technology