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  • VINACAS - CCA: Enhance cooperation, expand trade

    Jul 27th, 2016

    Attending the meeting, towards VINACAS including Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman VINACAS, Pham Van Cong - Standing Vice Chairman, Mr. Dang Hoang Giang - Vice President and General Secretary Nguyen Phiet - who Vinacas representative in Ivory Coast. On the side of Mr. Adama Coulibaly CCA include - Acting General CCA CEO, Mr. Karim Berthe - Secretary General and Coordinator of the CCA, Mr. Jean Pierre Bowl - CCA representatives in Vietnam. At the meeting, on behalf VINACAS, chairman Nguyen Duc Thanh welcomed VINACAS CCA delegation visited and worked with VINACAS, particularly his personal new CEO of CCA executive.

    According to the President of CCA Adama Coulibaly: "2016 marked a new milestone in relations with Vietnam when Vietnam became trading partners about crude's No.1 Ivory Coast, leaving India. From day to day 20/7 01/1, the Ivorian business has purchased a total of 638,000 tonnes from farmers fresh, processed and exported 428,000 tons of dry conditions, while only Vietnam has sold about 300,000 tons. Expected crop year 2016 - 2017, Vietnam will have a market share of 61% of the total output of Ivorian exports, followed by India (34%) and other countries.

    President VINACAS appreciate the efforts of the CCA in recent times has supported the Ivory Coast now elevate cooperation, expanding trade with Vietnam enterprises that are embodied in the outcome of the season this year. Suggest CCA and the Ivorian government recognizing tremendous VINACAS and member businesses in boosting and promoting trade between the two countries that both volume and value (income increased cashew farmers ), ...However, Mr Thanh said "although the Ivory Coast is an important supplier of Vietnam, but the last time the importer of Vietnam has not bought directly from the export of Ivorian whose owners buyers through intermediary firms. So, the biggest target in the cooperation between two sides in the near future is still promoting direct sale ".

    "The biggest concern of the member VINACAS VINACAS and this year is there are too many businesses Ivory Coast late delivery or non-delivery, the majority of proposed new aid delivery prices, this unconventional international sales. Especially this year the quality of delivery in May and June last very least, not in 2015. The reason is that Ivory Coast exports uncontrolled humidity as recommended by the Conference of customer VINACAS international conditions in Vietnam 2015 "- Mr. Thanh said.

    An explanation of issues related to the quality of goods, president of CCA, said: "in fact, the issue of quality of raw cashew export jobs that CCA is very concerned to maintain the brand's crude Coast Ivory. Earlier, the CCA also received information about the quality of this year compared to last year, particularly in April and May time 5/2016 rain. Therefore, CCA has stepped bring experts to direct the warehouse of export enterprises to monitor and recommends them to comply with the process and ensure good moisture before export. Up to now, the humidity level of no more than 9.5% on average according to statistics of CCA ".

    CCA chairman also suggested in trade issues, if the crude exporters Ivory Coast does not deliver on such contracts and agreements signed or requested support prices, offer suggestions VINACAS granting specific list of reputed exporters not for CCA. Although there is no direct intervention function on commercial transactions but with its functions, the CCA is entitled to withdraw the license and disclosure of crude exporter no credibility in the business case this affects the common interests of the industry in the Ivory Coast. "

    CCA urges President cashew processing factories in Ivory Coast, he said: "The foreign companies to invest in the Ivory Coast will enjoy a number of investment incentives as local procurement of raw cashew, export processing when it's just about 1.0 kg it will be government export export bonus CFA francs 80. Cashew exporters will not be subject to export duties. " However, Vietnam businesses are interested in this offer will be maintained for long. According to Chairman of the CCA, the policy will stabilize in the next 10 years. Currently the Government of Côte d'Ivoire is interested and wants to cooperate with Vietnam in the fields of agro-processing (cashew nuts), rice trade, technology of cultivation, ...

    In the spirit of frank discussion, openness, chairman of CCA agreed VINACAS and some contents of cooperation in the coming period as follows:

    One is that, in commercial transactions in which the two sides will cooperate to support the handling of issues in which the two countries' trade by exchanging information, announced the list of enterprises not Ivory Coast reputation in contract performance. On the Ivory Coast, the CCA will work with the authorities of Côte d'Ivoire to strengthen strict control over the quality of goods and provide a list of reputable exporter of Côte d'Ivoire for VINACAS.

    Second, cooperation in the field of agriculture, the CCA hopes Vietnam will help the Ivory Coast-intensive solutions, renovating, improving productivity orchard without increasing the area.Thirdly, VINACAS will advise the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized trade promotion delegation Ivorian market participants combined SIETTA 2016 Exhibition in the city. Abidjan from 17-19 / 11/2016. In the framework of the program will host trade conference that Vietnam - the Ivory Coast to help businesses mutually reinforcing direct purchase.

    Fourthly, President CCA will now Union leaders and attend Ivory Coast Development Forum that Vietnam - Africa at the 2016 International Conference of VINACAS thing in Danang in March 11/2016 at the invitation of President VINACAS. CCA President will participate in the Forum co-chair and will have a speech to the business community in Vietnam thing.Fifth, at the next meeting, VINACAS and CCA will continue to discuss, evaluate and implement the content of cooperation signed in the memorandum between the two sides, especially MoU VINACAS cooperation - 2/2016 CCA signed months in the city. HCM.

    Nguyen Dinh Truong

    P. Office VINACAS

    Source: VINACAS