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  • USIBRAS supports ailing cashew industry with 18 high-capacity shelling machines

    Nov 16th, 2018

    As part of the measures to review the cashew industry, Brazilian owned Cashew processing company USIBRAS Ghana Limited has handed over Cashew processing equipment to the Association of Cashew Processors Ghana (ACPG). This is to help revive 6 out of the 12 cashew factories that are currently closed down due to lack of equipment.

    The Association of Cashew Processors Ghana (ACPG) was created to formalize the cooperation of cashew processors in Ghana in a quest to revamp local processing. The Association has set a 5-year strategic plan to revamp small and medium-sized cashew processing businesses in Ghana to tap into the socio-economic potential of the crop. As one of the ways to support the vision of the association USIBRAS has handed over 18 high-capacity shelling machine to the association to enable them revive the ailing factories to achieve the objective of the association. This comes after the African Cashew Alliance solicited for support from USIBRAS.

    Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Managing Director for African Cashew Alliance, Ernest Mintah urged the association to maximize the opportunity and also ensure they take good advantage of the offer. “I would like to entreat members of Association to maximize this opportunity provided, take good advantage of this offer, revive your factories, and maintain your equipment so you become profitable for the country to benefit”

    President of the Association of Cashew Processors Association, Nii Smith called on government to speed up the setting up of the Tree and Industrial Crop Authority which is aimed at establishing the necessary framework for the management of the cashew.

    “we are well informed that government is setting up the Tree and Industrial Crop Authority aimed at establishing the necessary framework for the management of the Cashew industry but we will take this opportunity to urge Government to speed up these interventions to complement the efforts of the private sector and her desire to see Ghana mentioned in the corridors of leading cashew processing countries”

    Ghana is the only country in the cashew producing countries in Africa yet to set up an Authority to see the proper management of the cashew industry” he said Nii Smith also urged stakeholders and government to emulate USIBRAS’ support to the ailing cashew industry. “As we ask for support from all these stakeholders, I will equally urge all the beneficiaries of these machines to support each other strongly by sharing lessons learnt in order to increase processing efficiencies so as to reduce their processing cost and become competitive on the kernel market”

    The 6 factories are expected to start processing next season. Director of USIBRAS Ghana Limited Patricio Lima Asis, urged leaders to support the cashew industry to contribute to the national development. “Business leaders must be committed to this initiative and also participate in the management of the cashew industry” he said.

    USIBRAS Ghana Limited is one of the biggest Cashew processing companied in West Africa with an installed processing capacity of 30,000 metric tons per year for raw Cashew nut processing and with potential employment opportunities for about 2000 people.