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  • UAE date gene bank to protect 150 varieties

    Jan 13th, 2017

    Date Palm Development Research Unit (DPDRU) of the UAEU have announced plans to create a gene bank to protect over 150 varieties of dates. The facility has been dedicated to researching and preserving dates for sometime and researchers see this as the next logical step. Commenting on the announcement, Moza Al Shamsi, Head of the Research and Development Unit at DPDRU, said, "The introduction of a gene bank is the natural next step in the centre's overall strategy. We are planning to get all the varieties in one area and create a genetic bank here in our lab." "We are planning for 150 varieties, with a view of it being a reference, or a date library. We will focus on the UAE varieties – which range from khlass and khenizi to Fard and LuLu – and will work in collaboration with the Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, KCGEB."