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  • Turkish fig harvest delayed a week

    Sep 3rd, 2015

    Wind and rain caused damage

    The Hamburger import company Micheal Priestoph received new information about the fig market from Turkey.The "Crop Estimation Committee" has concluded its study about the production areas. And the following can be reported:The fig harvest of 2015 is estimated at 74,505 metric tons (+/- 5 %). The previous year the harvest was 69,731 metric tons.On average this year’s harvest will be a week later.The trees carry a very high amount of fruit. The large proportion of fruits on the branches results in contact between the fruits and leads to damage. Sea wind and rain showers in August caused figs to burst and about 15% of the fruits were damaged.Furthermore the harvests suffered from fig endosepsis that causes the figs to rot on the inside.Although there will be a large amount of figs, the quantity of the high quality figs suitable for drying and packaging is low. Especially the first shipments at the beginning of the season.The fig export was 52,836 metric tons this year. Last year the exported amount was 73,945 metric tons. The first shipment is expected in the first week of October.