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  • Turkey expects a drop in hazelnut harvest

    Jul 16th, 2016

    This year, Turkey is expecting a drop in its hazelnut harvest by 180,000 tonnes in comparison with last year, reports Mr. Faruk Çelik, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Livestock. This year's crop estimate is at 468,000 tonnes, but the lower harvest means the selling price should be higher.This significant decrease is due to frost, which occurred in the Black Sea region, which is the main hazelnut production area in Turkey.The minister stressed the importance of this product for the Turkish agricultural sector and stated that 68 percent of global production is carried out by Turkey. Around 15 percent of food exports are nuts.The minister added that significant research and development are realized in cooperation with representatives of the sector, such as the replacement of old plantations with new hazel, hazelnut stock creation etc. to resolve the problems faced by producers.The harvest should start from August and good prices are expected.