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  • Tunisia: Gafsa 2nd producer of pistachios

    Sep 1st, 2016

    The harvest of pistachios in the governorate of Gafsa will reach this year 615 tons, making the region of Gafsa, the second largest producer of this dry fruit nationwide after the governorate of Kasserine.“The region of Gafsa has 149,500 pistachio trees. The areas dedicated to pistachio reach 15,700 ha of which almost 13,000 ha of non-irrigated farms “, said Mohamed Bennour, officer at the Directorate of Agricultural Production in the delegation of Gafsa-North.

    “The cultivation of pistachios is widespread, especially in Gafsa, Sned and Sidi Aich”, he told TAP news agency, adding that the harvest is expected to decline this year due to the cold wave that has hit the area during the winter.