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  • Transport stakeholders highlight challenges in the industry

    Sep 3rd, 2018

    Secretary General of The Gambia National Transport Union Congress (GNTUC) has said their aim was to ensure that discipline, respect for the rule of law and progress are always maintained in the country’s transportation industry but said they are currently facing serious challenges in the proper control of car parks.

    Ibrahima Gaba Cham was speaking recently during a press conferences the union organised at their Churchill’s Town office to discuss issues of grave concern by the actors in the transport industry.

    He said car parks should be properly controlled, saying, “increasing fares during the festive periods should be stopped with a view to enable workers go to work freely and come back freely.”

    The GNTUC secretary general urged the director general of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) to provide network and car parks for the communities with the money they collected from the tax payers.

    “The money collected for tax can be used to construct new roads and car parks within the communities. The transport contributes a lot for the country those the road should be constructed with the money earned.”

    Drivers, he went on, should also be compensated as they only benefit on pension from the car park.According to him Senegal has recently stopped the transportation of cashew nut in The Gambia, adding that the cashew nut is a business between The Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

    “Gambia and Senegal have signed a free movement of goods and services and is free from any charges. Therefore, we don’t expect them to stop vehicles carrying cashew nut coming to The Gambia.”

    He expressed optimism that The Gambian authorities would intervene in addressing the matter for the fact that it is a matter of urgency.