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  • Transport of the cashew through the port of Ziguinchor: the carriers finally approve the decision of the State

    Oct 4th, 2018

    The decision of the authorities to pass all the cashew production of the region via the port of Ziguinchor, approved the carriers, including the CNTS / FC Union of road transport of Senegal. According to its members, "this decision generates spin-offs for the Ziguinchor carriers".  In addition, southern truckers are calling for substantial state investment aimed at modernizing and strengthening the capacity of Ziguinchor's commercial port.

    A year ago, when the authorities showed their willingness to pass all cashew production through the port of Ziguinchor instead of the land route for security reasons, many economic actors were offended . But after a few months of experimentation, some seem to reconsider their decision. This is the case of the regional section of the CNTS / FC Road Transport Union of Senegal.  "Our greatest satisfaction is that this year we ended up with zero accidents. But with the transit on the neighboring Gambia, there are accidents, technical breakdowns and cases of robberies which were frequent. This year, we did not see any robbery, robbery and zero accidents. And this is the system that the state and the authorities have put in place for the emergence of the port of Ziguinchor for the interest of carriers in the region in the first place, "said Ousmane Thiam, Secretary General of the CNTS / FC .

    According to the transport of the said trade union "the authorities must undertake port modernization and logistical capacity building if they want to make the measure permanent.  "We are asking the state to equip the port well with material handling, because it suits us compared to the private ones who are paying high prices. The State must do everything to accompany the Chamber of Commerce for the equipment of the port, "suggested the trader, El Hadj Alpha Oumar Diallo.  These carriers also want the restrictive measure of cashew transport via land to be extended to the regions of Sédhiou and Kolda to accelerate the process of modernization of the port of Ziguinchor.