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  • Traders observing lockdown voluntarily in Srikakulam district 06/22/2020

    Jun 22nd, 2020

    With the rapid spread of COVID-19, people in many areas are voluntarily observing lockdown in Srikakulam district. Despite facing losses, traders are also cooperating by closing down their shops in places like Palasa, Kasibugga and Tekkali. Palasa is known to be India’s biggest cashew market. This is a huge turnaround considering that the same traders had insisted on relaxing the lockdown till last month. “All cashew traders want to extend their support to the government in controlling the spread of coronavirus pandemic,” said Palasa Cashew Manufacturing Association president Malla Srinivasa Rao. The district which did not register a single COVID-19 case till April 25 has now turned a hotspot for coronavirus cases with 417 patients. According to an estimate, the number may cross 500 in a couple of weeks and 1,000 by July-August, thanks to the reverse migration of labourers in huge numbers. As many as 40,000 returnees are in quarantine centres, indicating the seriousness of the situation in the district. Collector J. Nivas said that concerted efforts were needed to control the disease since it had entered the community transmission stage in the district. He said that those with fever, cough and other symptoms of COVID-19 should approach the primary health centres and other government hospitals immediately for medical tests. “Private hospitals should inform the government authorities immediately when patients with COVID-19 symptoms come for treatment and any laxity will result in cancellation of their licences. We have already issued a show cause notice to a nursing home in Narasannapeta in this regard,” said Mr. Nivas. With his directive, senior officials of the Medical and Health Department have been visiting containment zones in Srikakulam, Palasa, Tekkali, Mandasa, Burja and other places. They are collecting health data of all the residents of Burja, Mandasa and Tekkali where COVID-19 reportedly entered community level transmission stage. At least 30 persons without any travel history tested positive, sending the officials on high alert.