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  • Towards the creation of an appellation of origin of cashews controlled in Vietnam

    Jan 19th, 2016

    The Binh Phuoc province in southern Vietnam, the very one who had received a delegation from Benin and Côte d'Ivoire in November at the 7th International Conference of cashew nuts, is studying the possibility of creating a designation of Origin for its nuts.

    In coordination with the Department of Science and Technology Binh Phuoc, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Binh Phuoc, the Association of cashew nuts from Vietnam (Vinacas) and producers, a delegation of French researchers CIRAD conducted, from January 7 to 14, a field survey to develop a specification to highlight the specific criteria and objectives that demonstrate how cashew Binh Phuoc is specific and can benefit from the geographical indication, and in order to help local farmers to achieve greater recognition by consumers of the product and improve its economic value, reports Vietnam .

    At the meeting, it was quality issue, closely managing imported raw materials in the resort, difference between cashew Binh Phuoc and the imported, among others.

    According to Tran Van Vân, Science Director of Binh Phuoc and Service Technologies, the path is traced forward to establishing a label "Cashew Binh Phuoc."

    On funding (€ 800,000) ede the French Development Agency (AFD), CIRAD attempts to develop controlled origin indications in Vietnam. The AFD project, which runs from 2014 to 2017, focuses on two products that are pilot Quang Tri pepper and cashew Binh Phuoc.