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  • Togo to produce 25,000t of raw cashew during the 2019-2020 campaign

    Mar 9th, 2020

    The information was disclosed last week by Togo’s interprofessional cashew council (CIFAT). The latter also noted that a kilogram of cashew will be sold at XOF325 during the 2020 campaign. According to the president of CIFAT, Komla Mawuko Gozan, compared to last year where the country produced 22,000t of raw cashew, this year’s output is up by about 14%. Further comparing to 2017 where the output was 15,000t, Gozan added that the sector is performing well.


    Out of the output expected for the ongoing campaign, 7,000t are to be processed, before export.

    Regarding processing, authorities set the tax on processed cashew to XOF5/kg, as against XOF40/kg for the raw nuts. In addition to this measure which is aimed at fostering local processing, the CIFAT’s head said it has been decided that no cashew will leave production basins for Lomé during a specific period, to make sure that processing units get enough volumes before export.