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  • This year, the price of crude will hardly have a chance to reduce

    Sep 30th, 2016

    Cashew production in 2016 was the decline in some areas and high price of crude during the crop year. African crude prices currently at 1450-1850 USD / ton (C & F) India / Vietnam. In crop year period between 2014 - 2016, the average price of crude has risen about 30%. This year, the price of crude will hardly have the opportunity to decline.

    Domestic market: In Binh Phuoc, dried cashew purchase price this week is stable at a high level 49,500 VND / kg. This is the highest level for many years due to tight domestic supplies while export demand increased. Despite high prices, but volumes acquired businesses in the country are few and mainly to import of raw material to production, to meet the orders of foreign countries. Cashew import volume in January was estimated at 103 thousand tons 9/2016 valued at $ 158 million, bringing the total volume of imports that the first 9 months 2016 reached 808 thousand tons with a value of $ 1.2 billion, up 8% in volume and 27.6% in value compared to the same period in 2015.

    Last week, the price of cashew nuts exported to markets such as the UK, the Netherlands fell slightly. Specifically, cashew nuts (raw cashew nuts in shell, not roasted) WW320 exports to the UK fell by $ 0.216 / kg, reaching $ 8.816 / kg; W320 cashew exports to the Dutch market fell $ 0.14 / kg, reached $ 8.99 / kg.

    Source: Agriculture Markets (MARD) / Week 39