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  • The wave of clean production is rampant in agriculture

    Sep 3rd, 2017

    Clean production is the pathway chosen by many enterprises, cooperatives and farmers with a view to ensuring a sustainable output for agricultural products.Clean production is a way for many enterprises, cooperatives and farmers to choose, with a view to ensuring sustainable output for agricultural products in the context of increasing market interest. to the issue of food hygiene and safety.

    These days, members of the Suoi Lon mango cooperative (Dong Nai) are preparing for the mango season by the end of 2017. Not long ago, the cooperative also completed the certification of the area of ​​export materials to the market. Australian School, which opened the way for Suoi Lon mango to enter this market. Mr. Nguyen The Bao, Chairman of the cooperative Suoi Lon, said that with the VietGap certification, Global Gap, the market of Suoi Lon mango is much expanded.

    Over the years, Suoi Lon mango has been bought and processed by exporters in many markets such as Japan and Korea, and the forthcoming export of fresh mango to Australia. This has become a motivation for farmers to feel secure and follow the process of clean production.Similar to mango of Suoi Lon Cooperative, organic pepper cultivation has brought about a great effect to the members of Dong Thuan organic pepper cooperative. Mr. Dao Duy Hai, Director of Dong Thuan Organic Pepper Co-operative shared that co-operatives have started to switch to organic farming three years ago. Pepper products of the cooperative has gained many certifications such as Euro Gap, Global Gap, USDA ... Especially, at the end of 2016, HTX has been certified as eco-pepper coop.

    Mr. Hai said that in the past, the production of pepper in the usual manner always yield a very high, can be up to 7 tons / ha. However, after long periods of squeezing productivity, the pepper plant has been weakened, leading to high risk of infection, even death. Therefore, Hai and the members of the cooperative management board have mobilized the farmers to participate in organic pepper production with a view to ensuring the sustainable development of pepper. Accordingly, members of the cooperative must strictly follow the technical instructions of the technical department and strict supervision of the environmental control board of the cooperative.

    The production of pepper in the direction of organic production is not as high as before, only about 3 tons / ha. However, Hai said that farmers themselves are the first beneficiaries of this cultivation. Farmers do not have to come in contact with chemicals and pesticides to help them avoid health risks. In addition, pepper is less susceptible to pests and diseases.According to Hai, after a period of implementation, farmers also see the long-term benefits of organic production, so the cooperative is preparing to admit new members, helping to expand the area. This is a good sign of the spread of sustainable farming practices among farmers. The products of the cooperative has been purchased and exported to many markets as fast as the US, Europe ...

    Mr. Vo Dinh Khanh, Deputy Director of Binh Phuoc Agricultural Extension Center, also said that from 2013 up to now, the center has cooperated with farmers to implement the project "Sustainable supply chain development" Rainforest Alliance standard of the United States. To date, the project has attracted 600 farmers with a total area of ​​300 hectares.According to Mr. Khanh, over the past 5 years, the entire pepper production (over 1,000 tons) produced by the enterprise is fully consumed by the price is always higher than the market price. "The farmers are very encouraged and supportive of the project, thereby encouraging farmers to be more aware of the proper control and use of pesticides, to improve the value of pepper products in Produce certification, "Khanh said. This year, the project is expected to expand to 1,000 households.

    At the end of 2016, the Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS) together with the Club of Cashew Nuts Business also issued quality claims with the criteria "5 no" and "3 yes". Of which, "5 no" is not using the aromatic in processing; no genetically modified product; no mold; no infection, insects; no forced labor. "3 yes" is a product of natural color; has a distinctive flavor; High nutritional value.Along with that, VINACAS also mobilizes businesses associated with farm owners, clubs, co-operatives to grow clean and organic cashew ... According to commitments of VINACAS, from 2016, 100% of products of VINACAS members ensure food safety and hygiene.

    Recognizing the long-term benefits of clean production, many co-operative farmers in Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai are also turning to organic cashew production. Some businesses also invest in the development of raw material areas, organic and organic cashew production to export to foreign markets in need. In addition, with French project support, Binh Phuoc province is developing local cashew nuts to highlight different values, branding and value for cashew nuts. Binh Phuoc, bringing higher income for cashew farmers.

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in addition to the safe farming methods such as VietGap, Global Gap ..., the area of ​​organic farming in Vietnam has increased significantly. Currently, many domestic enterprises have invested in organic farming and actively apply international standards to meet the demands of consumers in the country and in the world. In particular, some products have access to world markets such as tea, vegetables, spices, essential oil ...

    Some effective organic farming models are organic vegetables such as Thanh Xuan PG (Hanoi), Tan Lac (Hoa Binh); Ecolink-Ecomark exports Shan Tuyet tea to the European market; Organic farming model in Dalat; Van Truong dairy farming model; TH Herbals; Humat TE organic certified organic in accordance with US standards ... The decree on management of organic agriculture produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is in the process of collecting comments to complete before the submission. Government approved. This is a new step in the legal corridor for safe agricultural development, thus promoting stronger development of safe production in Vietnam.

    It can be seen that a wave of clean production is spreading rapidly in the agricultural sector of Vietnam. With a number of distinctive, delicious produce, clean production helps ensure that safety standards open up opportunities for these products to affirm their position in the domestic market, not only in the markets but in the markets. Traditional exports, but also towards sustainable export to new markets, hard to find in the world.

    Source: Customs Newspaper