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  • The transformation of the cashew apple-size Ivory Coast

    Mar 8th, 2016

    The pilot processing cashew apples conducted on 20 hectares in Bondoukou in eastern Ivory Coast will go to the industrial stage. Discussions on the industrial processing of the cashew apple were held at the International Agricultural Fair (SIA) in Paris between the Council of cotton and cashew, French society Simaco and the honorary mayor of the French city strawberry, Claude Jaquot APA reports.

    "There are three, we felt the need to develop the cashew apple. By making the juice processing. Several derivatives can be transformed from the cashew apple particular jam. So we installed a small unit in Bondoukou last year to transform the cashew apple. It's a pilot project on 20 hectares of cashew, '' says Claude Jacquot. These are some 5 600 million tons of cashew apple that are abandoned each year, without drawing any added value by transforming. Valuing the cashew apple juice, jam or even bioplastics is also an axis of transformation as well as that of the cashew kernel.

    "The goal with this small unit was to contribute to local development by creating jobs. But eventually, with our OEM (ndrl Simaco) who will be the next Sietta, we are able to begin the large-scale industrial component, "said Claude Jacquot.

    The second edition of International Exhibition and cashew processing technologies (Sietta) will be held in Abidjan from 17 to 19 November 2016.