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  • The transformation of cashew and the market information systems (MIS) in the heart of a workshop organized by the ACA

    May 18th, 2016

    The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) in partnership with the Centre for Trade and Investment USAID organize this morning a workshop on processing cashew and information systems the market.

    This workshop aims according to the organizers to improve the competitiveness of the cashew sector, thereby strengthening the foundations for a sustainable economy industry in Africa. "The goal of this workshop is consistent with the vision of the ACA, which is to promote a competitive industry of the African cashew in the world market that benefits the entire chain of cashew values," said the Director General of the ACA Mr. Babafemi Oyewole.


    Addressing the transformers, the DG CAA stressed the importance of this workshop which will focus on "the necessary strategies and knowledge to manage a growing business and improve the competitiveness of local processing of cashew. "As professionals of market information system, the first head of the African Cashew Alliance indicated that the market data and the cashew industry are of great importance, because the ability to predict and interpret market trends is crucial for the sustainability of the long-term activity.

    Representing the Director General of the Cotton Board and Cashew, Bassifou Mr. Ouattara, Director CCA welcomed the holding of this workshop in Abidjan whose themes echo the concerns raised by law especially in its transformation component. Finally, on behalf of the DG, he congratulated the team of the African Cashew Alliance for all coaching initiatives, training and consulting to the place of actors in the chain of cashew values Africa and elsewhere.


    Opened this morning, the workshop on processing cashew and information systems on the market that will end this Friday, May 20 brought together participants from Burkina Faso, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire.