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  • The provinces of South Central and Central Highlands to prevent extreme winter-spring crop

    Oct 5th, 2017

    Conference on the production of summer-autumn crop in 2017, the plan of winter-spring crop of 2017-2018 in provinces, cities in South Central and Highlands took place on 5/10. In the morning of October 5, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with the People's Committee of Binh Thuan province held a conference to preliminarily produce summer-autumn crop in 2017, to implement the plan for production of winter-spring crop 2017-2018 , into the South Central Coast and Central Highlands.

    Three rice crops in 2017, the entire South Central Coast and Central Highlands produced over 776 thousand hectares, the output is estimated at 4 million 522 thousand tons, an increase of 363 thousand tons compared with 2016. In addition, Changing 19,630 hectares of paddy land for growing cash crops and short-term industrial crops on low productivity fields for high economic value. However, for industrial crops and fruit trees in the coastal provinces of the South Central and Central Highlands, there are some difficulties, disease outbreaks on cashew and pepper due to the rainy season caused. Loss of major losses to farmer's income.

    It is forecasted that from now until early 2018, the weather will be complicated. Therefore, in the winter-spring crop of 2017-2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requests that the coastal provinces of South Central and Highlands Take precautions to the extreme weather phenomena. For rice, it must be produced in a timely manner, with the structure of seeds, applying advanced cultivation techniques, good management of water sources and efficient use of water. Particularly for plants and short-term industrial plants, the structure of plants is rational and competitive in each ecological area. Long-term industrial trees and fruit trees must increase investment in care, link production, improve product quality, direct production and consumption links in the direction of large fields.