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  • The price of cashew kilogram fall to 400 FCFA enth

    May 12th, 2016

    The price of cashew kilogram is trading at 400 FCFA for over a week (Northwest), buyers citing a lack of funding. The official price of the kilogram fixed by the Government is 350 CFA francs to the opening of the campaign in April. There was an upward trend which increased the price successively to 600 FCFA and 625 francs, depending on the quality of production, are we noted in some producing regions.

    Buyers evoke the lack of funding and the many trackers that could not deliver produce to exporters. Therefore, only the major exporters are in the business of buying cashew nuts to the chagrin of small exporters. They come in addition to the poor quality due to rainfall in the region.

    The long dry season induced a decrease in production of cashew during the current campaign. In 2015, production reached more than 700 000 tonnes, hoisting the Ivory Coast to the largest world producer of this speculation.