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  • The export price of cashew nuts increased sharply

    Sep 5th, 2017

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in August 2017 the country exported about 35 thousand tons of cashew nut, worth 351 million USD. In the first eight months of 2017, the country exported 223 thousand tons of cashew nuts, earning $ 2.2 billion, down 1.1% in volume but up 24.9% in value over the same period in 2016.Cashew nut export price in the first 8 months of 2017 is estimated at 9,865.4 USD / ton, up 27.2% over the same period last year, up 20.3% over 2016 (8195.5 USD / ton) and up 8.3% over the beginning of 2017 (9101,1 USD / ton).

    In terms of export markets, the United States, the Netherlands and China continue to be three of Vietnam's major export markets, with the United States accounting for a large market share of 36.7%, followed by Ha Lan accounts for 15.6% and China accounts for 11.7%. The markets with strong export value were Russia (up 67.1%); The Netherlands (up 44.9%); The United States (up 38.2%); Israel (up 30%); England (up 22.1%); Thailand (up 17.9%); Australia (up 7%) and China (up 12.3%).

    Although the export price is high and tends to increase, the cashew industry still depends on imported raw materials. According to customs statistics, as of August 15, the country imported 994,364 tons of raw cashew nut with total turnover of $ 1.923 billion, up 54% in volume and 98.2% in value compared with In line with the increase in volume and value, the average input price of raw material in the past months also increased sharply to $ 1,934 / ton, up 28.9% over the same period last year ($ 1,500 /New).

    According to the vice president and general secretary of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters (Vicasa), the import of raw cashew nuts is not unusual, as the sharp rise in input materials has been forecast since the beginning of the year. Important raw material areas both in the country and in the world such as Cambodia and West Africa lost season. Specifically, in the early months of the year, the cashew growing areas in the country, farmers with experience in caring, productivity estimates are only 50% compared to 2016. Notably, there are not even cashew orchards. have a harvest. Total annual output of raw cashew is expected to reach over 252,000 tons, down nearly 52,000 tons compared to 2016.

    This has made psychology enterprises increase raw materials to reserve for production plan for the whole year. Along with that, there are Chinese enterprises set up outsourcing in Vietnam also causes the input materials of this year increased sharply, which led to the purchase price increased higher than the same period last year. Notably, the low quality raw material will also be higher than in the past, especially from October to December 2014, which will affect the price of raw materials in the country increased.

    At present, the harvesting of raw materials in the country and other important areas in the world has been completed, forecasting the last months of the year, the import of raw cashew nuts will not be as high as the last time, It is estimated that in the year 2017 the amount of imported raw materials is about 1.3 million tons, an increase of 200 thousand tons compared to 2016.Prior to that, in 2016, the amount of raw material raw materials put into processing 1.5 million tons, of which importing 1.025.000 tons, buying 475,000 tons in the country, accounting for only 31.67% of production materials of the whole year.

    In 2017, the situation of production and business of cashew industry in general faced many difficulties, in addition to increasing output, the price of imported raw materials increased, the export volume in the past months is also almost zero increased over the same period last year. Therefore, Vinacas recommends enterprises to be more proactive than raw materials. Because of the shortage of raw materials has been put forward for a long time, the solutions offered are quite adequate. The important thing at this point is the entry of the whole industry. Specific from each step, step by step, such as building good quality breed, high productivity, resistant to pests.

    In particular, enterprises need to improve investment in processing technology, on the basis of which focus on traceability of products. In addition, guidance, support farmers intensification, grafting to improve the old cashew orchard to improve cashew quality. Especially promoting the "four houses" (State-business-scientists-farmers) linkages to create a solid material area for Vietnam's billionaires.

    Source: Young Intellectuals