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  • The alternative cashew processing industry in the fight against poverty and the phenomenon of illegal immigration: Minister of Commerce, CI

    Nov 12th, 2018

    As we move towards the end of this third edition of SIETTA, I would like to express my great satisfaction, given the enthusiasm.  Indeed, as is clear from the Commissioner General's speech, participants were able to see cashew processing equipment and technologies from several countries, particularly Côte d'Ivoire.

    In total, the 2018 SIETTA has registered more than sixteen (16) local OEMs involved in the manufacturing of machinery and spare parts for the maintenance of cashew processing equipment.  The strong participation of local equipment manufacturers in this third edition, which we consider to be a transitional edition in relation to the issues of accessibility and mastery of cashew processing technologies, is to be welcomed.

    Indeed, the issue of promoting local manufacturing of machinery and spares and productive efficiency must be high on the agenda if we are to develop a competitive and sustainable cashew industry.

    The SIETTA 2018 was also an opportunity for the participants to exchange with national and international experts and to be edified on all the questions concerning the development of the cashew processing, in particular on the financing, the opportunities that can to offer certain export markets such as AGOA, the start-up and development of an industrial unit and the various trades offered by the cashew sector throughout its value chain. Distinguished

    This third edition of SIETTA was above all a platform for advocating for increased investments in cashew processing to provide more opportunities for the creation of jobs for youth and women.

    Indeed, in the face of the challenge of combating poverty and the phenomenon of illegal immigration that sub-Saharan Africa has experienced in recent years, we must work together with all development partners to promote a cashew processing industry that offers job creation opportunities and therefore hope for our young people.

    The SIETTA 2018 was also the occasion for the holding of several international meetings, in particular the General Assembly of the African Cashew Alliance (ACA), the meeting of women actresses of the cashew nut sector and the Forum of the Technical and Financial Partners which made it possible to discuss the synergies of actions to be created with the Technical and Financial Partners (TFP) in order to make the actions more effective.

    Lastly, through business meetings (B to B), the 2018 SIETTA was a platform for exchanging experiences that made it possible to establish business partnerships between industry players and economic operators.

    SIETTA 2018 has provided us with an excellent opportunity to stress the need for Africa and particularly for Côte d'Ivoire to strengthen its actions in favor of the processing of cashew nuts and especially of job creation for youth and women.

    That is why I would like to appeal to all national and international economic operators who have been informed about the exceptional measures taken by the Government and the business opportunities offered by cashew nuts to invest massively in this area. sector.

    For its part, the Government will continue to conduct reflections and actions to provide constant support for the development of cashew processing.

    Before concluding my remarks, I would like to reiterate my thanks to all equipment manufacturers and experts, especially those from outside to share with Ivorian economic operators, their expertise, their know-how and their expertise. experiences.

    I address a special mention to the national equipment manufacturers whose exceptional mobilization denotes their great interest for this sector and augurs a significant development in the cashew value chain in Ivory Coast and Africa.

    Congratulations to the Organizing Committee headed by Commissioner General Adama COULIBALY for the success of the SIETTA 2018.

    African youth should know that its future lies in Africa which is the new and final frontier of development.

    Looking forward to the next edition, I would like to send an early invitation to all players in the cashew industry, in Côte d'Ivoire and around the world, to take stock of the first three editions of SIETTA in 2020 and consider together, new perspectives.  While wishing a safe return to all the participants, I declare the third edition of the International Cashew Processing Equipment and Technology Exhibition, the SIETTA 2018, closed.  Together we must take up the challenge of the level of transformation from cashew to 50% by 2020.