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  • The advantage of plants in arid conditions

    Jul 18th, 2016

    Dry Spell past history major impact on producing a variety of crops. For the first time agricultural production negative growth, mainly arable, 6 fell by over 6%, compared to 1.3 million tons of rice were damaged, about 100,000 coffee affected the productivity .. . But the trees that proved adaptable and fit well with the context of climate change.

    Inappropriate behavior

    The importers said that's not seen in the country that has such good taste of Vietnam and so customers are willing to pay higher prices. This is a big advantage compared to industry rivals India and Brazil is that the competition is getting fiercer. Step through the 10th consecutive year, Vietnam is the leading exporting countries on individual world and accounts for over 50% of total global trade individual ($ 5 billion). 4 consecutive years of export turnover reached over $ 1 billion, 2 years over 2 billion dollars. Vietnam individual present more than 50 countries and is independent of any major public market; of which, the US (30% market share), the EU (25%), China (20%).

    5.000ha area under cultivation from 1982 to 2007 was due to the harvest 444.000ha how many businesses were bought up for processing. But because both the State and the people do not have appropriate behavior, while at the beginning it was only considered poverty alleviation crops, growers can not afford it or do not care to pay attention, only considered forest trees now greening barren hills should yield very low, despite the intensive phase thanks sometimes yield to 1.1 tons / ha, but then dropped to 0.8 tons / ha. While the processing capacity of the plant increased gradually, domestic raw materials decline. In 2000, the enterprise imported 25,000 tons of crude for processing, 10 years after 350,000 tons and by 2015 the figure was 867,000 tons. Import raw cashew for processing was more than double compared with domestic raw materials. Vietnam became the importer of crude 2nd in the world, roughly the number of import is the largest importer and India more than 10 times the 3rd importer is Brazil.

    We can say this is the paradox of the industry. Industry can say almost unique not only leading in the processing and export of cashew nuts in the world but also to be a leader and exporter of cashew nuts processing equipment (though still controversial on present). Dependence on imports of raw materials makes it easy to become the industry '' hostages' of the raw cashew exporter in Africa. Last time, due to purchase of crude paintings of Vietnam, many businesses in Africa, particularly Ivory Coast, the country's largest exporter of crude the world has "broken contract" many enterprises Vietnam as non-delivery and demanded more right price or a deposit instead of opening L / C when contracted as international practice.

    Sustainable Development Fund which

    Recently, at the congress of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) tenure from 2016 to 2020, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh emphasized, while many crops were severely damaged dry spell in recent history the tree that shows possibilities and advantages when climate change increasingly extreme show. Still maintaining productivity and for the first time after many years that is no longer an area of trees are cut down to move through a series of other crops which is almost unchanged. Three years, with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, farmers' associations and in intensive breeding has helped it increase productivity 3 tons / ha / crop to 1.3 tons / ha / crop ; income from cashew was raised. Le Quoc Doanh said that, no need to increase the area but the output has increased. This is a positive sign, it is necessary to create conditions for cashew growers to continue intensive, good selection of seedlings to take things the average yield to 2 tons / ha and more.

    According to Nguyen Illustration, Vice President Vinacas, geographical balance for many things growing areas in the context of climate change complicated. If there is a policy of investment and true, acreage and productivity which will also be improved. Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Nga, president of the Association Article Binh Phuoc, Head of Agriculture and cashew farmers Vinacas said that when countries restrict export crude (way more than 20 years ago Vietnam did) processing industry Vietnam will face difficult conditions. So be proactive in new water resource development to ensure sustainable thing. This is within reach once determined to do. With current 300.000ha thing, if an increase of 2 tons / ha had approximately 600,000 tons. In reality there are many more models of 3 to 4 tons / ha will be targeted to gradually increase, which could almost raw materials initiative. But Ms Nga said that the current problem is not yet stable land. The granting of land use right in trouble. If a large area is difficult to hire the renovation should meet by not reassuring garden. Even in the value chain, to make stronger linkages with farmers now. When businesses and farmers shaking hands, support part of the capital and received partial support from the State.

    Vinacas proposed the establishment of a sustainable development fund that aims to help stabilize production conditions, promote links production and consumption of business - cashew farmers. The revenues of the fund consists of state support, the top section tons of export revenues of all the export processing enterprises (1-2 USD / ton export kernels), funding and other revenue sources. Approximately 50% -70% of the fund of funds used to support the program of intensive rehabilitation and research orchard varieties, support cashew farmers, 30% - 50% is spent on study and complete rules the technology, equipment manufacturing and processing conditions, improve product quality and food safety in the processing, trade promotion and market development in the country.

    Enhance the value

    More than 20 years ago, Vietnam has stopped exporting crude to today become the country's export processing and it leads the world. Vietnam is a country with technology suitable for processing cashew nuts, the most competitive compared to many device manufacturers leading processing. This is a lesson and an example that the crude exporter world's largest kite in Africa, particularly Ivory Coast is determined to become the country's processing that instead of continuing to export raw cashew way that Vietnam has been successfully implemented. Advocates and many government policies have been taken out of Ivory Coast to attract investors to build processing plants that. The restrictions to halt crude exports of Ivorian or even Africa is only a matter of time. In this race, Vu Thai Son, General Director of Long Son Joint Stock Company, said that the advantage in favor of India due to speak English well, and China is the largest individual consumption, especially banks every good support enterprises to invest abroad. 2 countries have large communities in Africa. Can not disregard the African countries in the next 10-20 years, if no remedies, cashew processing industry in the country will go down by losing the advantage.

    Besides Vietnam enterprises while imports of crude should unite, not imposed in the game, but to have a stable raw materials need to be proactive in the country, as well as processing on the need to go through new stage, deep processing instead of stopping at the primary processing to provide individual directly to supermarkets such as Walmart, Costco, Tesco ... in the US or in German supermarkets such as way that the company and certain Long Son other companies are doing. Currently there are about 20 large investment base on deep processing products such as salted cashew noodle, fried cashew butter, seasoning it, it mixes, confectionery articles ... with 15,400 tons capacity / year, the rest are small facilities, supply for the domestic market of about 20,000 tons / year. There are also 26 basis nut shell oil processing capacity of 80,000 tons / year and 5 basis nut shell oil refining capacity of 6,000 tons / year.

    But equally important is the issue of quality management, food safety need to be concerned. The country has more than 150 processing enterprises large scale, only about 30 processing enterprises achieve HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BRC. The processing units of small capacity which is accounted for in large numbers, many of which are small-scale processing facilities household size 5-7 employees raises many issues about food safety. Meanwhile, the last time the test just at the assessment and classification of establishments, local authorities are not strictly handle violators. Food safety is a vital condition that processing industry of Vietnam are competing with Brazil, India. If quality is not improved, it means nothing if reasonable increase processing yields.

    Along with the food hygiene issues, our position as exporter of cashew world leader, customer product reviews are good, most fragrant should need to focus on building national brand thing, building geographical indications that key areas, branding products for enterprises to take steps to promote, empower and image Vietnamese cashew products on the world market, thereby improving the value of export commodities.

    Source: Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper