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  • The Northwest Zone produces more than 52,000 tonnes of cashew nuts

    Feb 27th, 2018

    The North-West zone (Kabadougou, Bafing, Folon) has marketed more than 52,000 tons of cashews during the past campaign, AIP informed the council of cotton and cashew on Monday. The department of Odienné comes in the lead with more than 16,000 tonnes marketed. The department of Seguelon, considered as one of the big agricultural sectors marketed about 9000 tons of cashews. Samatiguila records 4,200 tons. The low-yielding department is that of Biankouma with less than 20 tonnes marketed during the 2017 campaign. The department of Minignan records less than 4,000 tons, Koro and Madinani 3,500 tons each. If the leakage of the product is well followed, industry leaders expect an increase in volumes traded in the North West. For the 2018 campaign, the chief anchor puts on strict border control.