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  • Tanzania: Nine Arrested for Embezzling Cashew Nut Farmer Funds

    Sep 5th, 2016

    Nine members of board of directorsfrom Mangaka Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies (AMCOS) in Nanyumbu District have been held by police for allegedly embezzling Sh64.199 million to be paid to cashew nut farmers as bonuses.The nine members were arrested following an order by Nanyumbu District Commissioner Mr Joakim Wangambo during his meeting with cashew nut farmers over the weekend.

    It was agreed that the officials (names withheld) should also be stripped off their leadership posts at Mangaka Amcos."You should arrests the entire Mangaka Amcos board of directors and investigate how the farmers money were swindled; the suspect should be sent to court as soon as possible," said Mr Wangambo.

    Speaking during the meeting one of the farmers Mr Msutapha Mkongo said the farmers were supposed to be paid Sh2, 246 per a kilogram of cashew nuts but were instead they were paid Sh2120 per a kilogram.