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  • Tanzania: Mkinga, Muheza Assured of Reliable Water Supply

    Sep 23rd, 2015

    CCM Union presidential running mate Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan has assured Tanzanians of clean and reliable water supply if her party is given the mandate to rule the country. Addressing an election rally in Muheza ahead of the October 25 general elections, Samia said, as a woman, she understands what it takes when a family lacks water. "I'm a mother, I know the difficulties women face when there's no reliable water supply. If you elect us for the top office, that will be among my key priorities," she pledged.

    She said the majority of women have been spending most of their time looking for water, promising that the problem will be history as CCM has crafted strategies of a water supply programme for rural Tanzania.

    She also said the incoming government will build markets and bus terminals where food vendors and motorcycle riders will have special areas to run their businesses. She also promised voters that electricity will be connected to all villages in the next two years.

    Moreover, the first CCM woman presidential candidate said that all road projects that have been earmarked in the election manifesto will be implemented as planned. During campaigning in Mkinga district, Samia said the government will put in place affordable infrastructure that will be conducive for people with disabilities. She said the move is aimed at ensuring that the disabled have necessary infrastructure in place that will guarantee easy operation.

    "If you elect us in power during the October 25 general election, we'll build infrastructure that will make them (the disabled) operate on their own with minimum assistance, " she elaborated.

    She also assured Mkinga district residents of reliable water supply as there are major water projects which are meant to reach people in the villages. The projects are well articulated in the CCM election manifesto to relieve women of the burden of walking long distances in search of water. On health services, the presidential running mate promised to devote her energy on fighting the scourge of maternal and child mortality.

    Towards that end, maternity wards would be equipped with all required facilities and medicines. She said if CCM emerges victorious in the upcoming polls, the incoming government would settle land conflicts by setting areas for farmers and livestock keepers.

    The government will also direct its efforts in cashew farming since the Norwegian government is building three cashew nut processing factories in Mkinga district. "You should focus on cashew farming so that when the factories are complete they will have enough raw materials. But you should have enough and reliable produce to be able to enjoy the benefits," she said.