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  • Tanzania: Joy for Farmers As Various Levies Are Scrapped

    Jun 9th, 2016

    Dares Salaam — Farmers have something to smile about after government announced Wednesday it is scrapping levies and fees that have for a long time been an "unnecessary burden" on them.

    Coffee, cashewnut, tea and cotton producers will now be relieved of various levies and fees charged by agents, regulatory bodies and local government authorities.

    Unveiling the 2016/2017 national budget, Finance and Planning minister Phillip Mpango said the new measures were part of efforts to encourage investment in agriculture.

    The minister proposed to scrap the $250 cherry processing license charged by the Coffee Board and other levies charged on cashew nuts. Farmers will also no longer be paying Sh20 charged for every kilogramme of cashew nuts as ley by the Cooperative Union, and the Sh50 transportation levy also charged for every kilogramme.

    Cotton growers will no longer be paying the Sh450,000 paid to the Cotton Board for the Uhuru Torch while tea growers benefit from the abolition of the Sh800,000 charged as fire and rescue levy