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  • Tanzania: It can be up commodity exchanges

    Dec 12th, 2016

    Farmers said that the price increase is the result of operating activities through auction markets; the way such sale the buyer must offer competitive rates and higher prices. With the current developments, the farmers suggested the Government should accelerate the commissioning commitments Exchange Tanzanina goods (Tanzania Mercantile Exchange - TCX) based Trade Commodities Exchange Act of 2015.

    TCX is believed will make the connection between domestic production for domestic markets and internationally. They take the example in the US, this market has existed for about 150 years, and some analysts said it played an extremely important role in the development of the major economies in the world. The reason for this market, farmers will be guaranteed a population concentrated markets, where they can sell their goods to people in need for the purpose of production or consumption. This essentially means that the market will help the country get rid of intermediaries as market disturbances Valley some major agricultural products such as tobacco Tanzania, cashew nuts, cotton, coffee, tea, sisal , sesame, sunflower and lentils nails.

    A farmer said, if commodity exchange markets, places like Mtwara, Ruvuma, Tabora and Mara can easily set prices for monthly crop season before harvest. In this way, the role of the market will help ensure there are always buyers for the seller as long as both are willing to offer a reasonable price.Based on this proposal, implementation plan TCX is not too illusory problem, it will be started from May next year. If successful with TCX cashews are other agricultural commodities will continue to put on the floor.

    Cuong Dinh

    Source: All Africa