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  • Tanzania: Cashews Buying in Full Swing

    Nov 18th, 2018

    AS relevant authorities continue with the verification of details of cashew nut farmers in relation to their consignments stored in warehouses, over 2,000 of them from 35 cooperative unions in Lindi and Mtwara regions have already received their payments, Minister of Agriculture Mr Japhet Hasunga has said. The money that has so far been paid to farmers in the exercise which started on Friday evening, according to the government, ranges between 1bn/- and 2bn/-. Mr Hasunga made the statement yesterday shortly after he led a consultative meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) Lieutenant General Yacoub Mohamed, Officers from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) and staff from the Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT).

    The Minister was optimistic that the exercise to pay farmers who had cashew nuts in various cooperative unions' warehouses will be accomplished by next Friday. By this time (yesterday afternoon) a total of 2,168 farmers had been paid and processes were underway to ensure all farmers were paid on time as per the instructions by President John Magufuli," said Mr Hasunga. According to him, there were about 120,000 tonnes of cashews stored in the warehouses in Mtwara and Lindi regions. "The cashews in Lindi and Mtwara regions will be kept in the warehouses within the regions, and those in Tunduru District in Ruvuma Region will be transported to stores situated here, the exercise will be done by the TPDF officers," he explained. The Minister explained that TPDF soldiers will be transporting cashew nuts from the warehouses of cooperative unions to the main stores waiting for further procedures, and that all locals who were working in the stores will continue with their jobs in supporting army officers who have been deployed. Expounding further, Mr Hasunga said they are well organised to ensure payments for the cashews from the Agricultural, Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) are done at the same time when the cashews are transported to the main stores. "We have to do this because of the changes in climate conditions, rains may come at any time hence destroys the crop that isn't stored yet," he said.

    Speaking about the cashews processing industries, Mr Hasunga said the government is looking on ways to partner with privately owned factories to have all the cashews processed within the country. And, for those that were privatised but not working are at risk of being returned to the government for renovation so that they can resume operation. He was of the view that the government is determined to have all the cashews being processed in the country for value addition. Mr Hasunga was bitter over dishonest businessmen who were smuggling the cashews into the country, saying the government will be confiscating all crops that will be brought illegally. The deal on the table is for local farmers and not otherwise," he noted saying they have already confiscated 20 tonnes of cashews that were smuggled from a neighbouring country. The crops are said to have crossed the border after the government announced the decision to buy it at an indicative price of 3,300/- per kilogramme. Attending the conference, Lieutenant General Mohamed said TPDF will do everything necessary to have the activity done to the maximum expectations. As the Chief of Staff I have the responsibility to ensure all administrative issues go smoothly, and I shall do the same for this activity," he said. The TPDF Senior official added that they have started to assess the Buko Cashew nut processing plant in Lindi Region for renovation. "On Friday, I inspected our factory in Lindi Region and some of the cashew nut warehouses that TPDF is instructed to protect," he noted.https://allafrica.comhttps://allafrica.com