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  • Tanzania: ACT-Wazalendo to Revive Cashewnut Processing Plants

    Sep 28th, 2015

    Masasi — ACT-Wazalendo presidential candidate, Ms Anna Mghwira, has said that if she is elected as the fifth president of Tanzania she will revive cashew nut processing plants in Lindi and Mtwara regions.She said this yesterday during a campaign meeting held at the Terminal Two grounds in the town. She said that to ensure cashew industry regains its lost glory her party will ensure that all processing plants in the area are revived.Ms Mghwira said that for the country to develop her government will ensure there is a collaborative economy which will give people the opportunity of participating in serious decision making.

    She said that most of the areas she has passed through in the southern regions are fertile and could be used to develop agriculture, the back bone of the national economy.According to the opposition presidential candidate, the agricultural sector has not been given the priority it deserves as farmers still use rudimentary tools. She added that her government will improve the social security fund so that every citizen can enjoy its benefits.She mentioned her top priorities social security, collaborative economy, health, education, infrastructure and water. The party's running mate Mr Ahmad Yusuph said "we'll protect available resources so that they can benefit Tanzanians." He said that Tanzania is endowed with vast resources but lacks proper governance to harness them.