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    May 17th, 2016

    Complex evolutions of the market in 2016, invites you refer to some experience from a business owner Import Export Processing big thing in Binh Phuoc has consistently successful in the business 10 years Import Export Processing conditions:

    First, businesses should not be disposed remote individual delivery deadlines when no information on crop and can not purchase raw materials. When buyers want to purchase with delivery deadlines far consider carefully before a decision because the buyer has full information about consumption and prices of consumer acceptance. So often, the seller delivers up to 10 times distant, 8 times we lose, 1 draw, 1 win, it is difficult to deliver the goods for reasons of quality problems, ...

    Second, Vietnam is a country of urgent individual and the world's number one importer of crude from West Africa is also very large quantities, labor costs cashew processing lower our other countries, we could lead prices are very competitive with the selling price. Currently still insufficient supply of demand. Therefore, we should take the initiative in making price, time of sale and the capacity of the plant, avoiding sales movements and psychological (eg if the price balance WW320 2016 minimum price of 3 95 USD / Lb new interest, purchase of raw materials and increasing processing capacity; if the price is below $ 3.9 WW320 / Lb are not profitable, break or reduce the maximum processing capacity).

    Thirdly, when importing raw cashew to spot should selectively reputable vendors to buy, if not prestige customers should not be signed before, do not select the form of a deposit, do not select the form of payment L / C, subscribe to them only when goods are found and tested. Should choose a form of payment DP. The work on their Indian businesses performed very well.

    Sometimes there are some brokers who asked me when the price is 3.95 to 4.0 WW320 USD / Lb why Vietnam does not sell in India has sold a lot and buyers simply do not communicate suspended 3 weeks Vietnam is to test different services offered low prices to the few dozen cents to sell what is the reason? They also asked why no material which Vietnam signed WW320 dare price $ 3.45 / lb and a few dozen now up to 100 cont cont for at this price? Now prices rise again, the slow delivery with numerous reasons? I just want to share with our colleagues to strengthen skills in business together, integration and sustainable development. Wish you all success!

    Source: Fast VINACAS