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  • State declares all out war on smugglers

    Sep 11th, 2016

    She issued the warning here yesterday on her last day of the four-day visit. She said that the Fifth Phase Government will not tolerate such acts which she said deny the government a lot of revenue.“The government will not bear with those involved in the illegal transportation of cashew-nuts. Legal punishments await offenders who will be identified and proven guilty.

    These will be punished severely to set up a deterrence against future offenders. She said cashew nut smuggling denies the government lots of revenue that would have been spent on development projects and public services.She directed regional leaders to institute stern measures in order to end the illegal exports which she termed as sabotage to state economy. In another development, she said, the government has set aside 170bn/- to facilitate implementation of water projects in Tandahimba District.

    Ms Samia said the government’s largescale strategy aims at ensuring that the residents of Tandahimba and neighbouring areas acquire clean and safe water for their daily activities.“Our government's concern is to see Tandahimba residents and those in neighbouring areas get access to clean and safe water and hence avoid spending many hours in search of water in distant places,” she said.

    She added that the achievement of the project would help the residents to participate in other economic development activities. The VP was optimistic that the completion of the project would end water blues in Tandahimba.Meanwhile, the government plans to build a 50-kilometre tarmac road from Mtwara Town to the Tandahimba main road in order to help improve transportation from Mtwara to Tandahimba.

    She directed the regional leaders in Mtwara to meet with TANROAD management in Mtwara to chart out ways towards implementing the plan of having a 50 kilometre tarmac road.In her four-day official tour in the region, the VP took part in various development activities including exploring the implementation of government development projects. She also officiated at an event where Tandahimba Secondary School was awarded for being in the top ten best performing schools in Form Four national examinations.