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  • Speaking of cashews, think of Vietnam

    Nov 15th, 2017

    From 2006 up to now, Vietnam cashew sector has been leading the world in cashew nut export, accounting for over 60% of global cashew nut export. At present, some exporting countries are looking for Vietnam to support processing technology to export cashew nut. Nguyen Duc Thanh, Chairman of Vinacas, said that Vietnam is moving to the development stage of deep processing products and form a global cash distribution center, so it is ready to cooperate.Prior to that, there were concerns that the technology transfer would cause Vietnam to lose raw materials and be competitive when exporting. Currently, Vietnam only takes one third of raw materials, the rest must be imported from African countries and neighboring countries are Laos and Cambodia.At the conference, Vinacas signed a cooperation agreement in dealing with trade disputes with the country's exporters' association, an agreement on a sample contract to facilitate the business of both parties in buying and selling raw materials and stabilizing production.