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  • Spain: Organic pistachio acreage quadruples in Andalusia

    Jan 16th, 2017

    Andalusia's organic pistachio acreage has almost quadrupled over the last two years, going from 116 hectares in 2014 to more than 430 hectares in 2016, according to provisional data supplied by the Council of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. The crop is perceived as a highly profitable alternative by organic growers willing to diversify their production, since its market price is quite high.

    By provinces, the one standing out the most is Granada, which had more than 130 hectares in 2016, thus concentrating 30% of Andalusia's total organic pistachio acreage. Seville has 90 hectares (21%); Córdoba, 88 hectares (20.4%); Jaen, 85 hectares (almost 20%); Almeria, 20 hectares (4.6%); Malaga, 8 hectares (1.8%); and Huelva has 7.6 hectares (1.7%).Pistachios are, alongside aloe vera, stevia and lime, one of the emerging organic crops in Andalusia, and to these we must add other products that have yet to spread in Andalusia, but whose future looks promising, namely foods such as quinoa, kumquat and organic truffles.

    Although these are very different crops, what they all have in common is the fact that they are economic activities with a close link with the territory where they are produced, and which take advantage of the resources of the area where they are cultivated. In short, they are emerging sectors with good business prospects which can help in the generation of employment in their area of ​​influence, as organic production requires more labour than conventional crops.

    Source: Europa Press